Since 2013, Pharma War Games has delivered actionable competitive workshops for pharma, biotech and medical companies across the globe.

We have developed one of the most effective war game methodologies.

By design, we know what works and what doesn't so you don't make the mistakes others have made. 



Pharma War Games delivers actionable workshops for Pharma / Biotech companies that will take your competitive strategies to the next level. We help you link Insights and Foresights to Business Impact. We deliver fully customized actionable workshops aligned to your particular business issues.






War Games

Anticipate and prepare for your competitors next moves


Competitive simulations

Simulate complex and challenging  competitive environments


Scenario planning

Prepare your organization for changes in the healthcare eco-system

War games are conducted by companies in support of late stage clinical development, as an input for annual Brand Planning or to "stress test" decisions whose outcomes may be affected by competitors.  


Effective war games are focused, have a limited number of issues and competitors covered so that the participants can really get into the depths of the issues, analyze options and create pragmatic solutions for potential challenges. We recommend no more than 50 participants in a war game session to maximize everyone's participation and engagement. 


War games can be very helpful to a team of internal experts in understanding the external opportunities and challenges from a 360° perspective of all the key stakeholders in the industry.  These are generally run around a specific disease state where a new competitive drug is entering the market, either by the firm itself or a competitor.  War games can also be integrated into existing planning processes and conducted regularly to ensure that the business’s understanding of the external environment is regularly evolving.


Competitive Simulations distill complex external issues into a manageable format for participants to brainstorm and tackle. Simulations can be run on a number of attributes including events, trends or any other external changes that will effect your company's competitiveness. 



Scenario Planning explores future possibilities in the macro-economic environment and shifts in the Health ecosystem. Scenario Planning exercises tend to be very intellectually stimulating and intense. However, the key to effective scenario planning is to bring the issues back 'into the business' and to align on proactive actions and next steps that the company can start implementing now. 

Well run Scenario Planning exercises form the basis of an early warning system that can proactively detect external risks to your business, franchise or product.