Life Science Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I conduct a war game? 

A: When there is potential external changes that might effect your competitiveness. There can be many catalysts to external change including product launches, loss of exclusivity, changes in regulation and many others. The key is when there is change, there is an opportunity to simulate the actions and outcomes. 


Q: Do I need an external vendors to conduct a war game for me? 

A: Using external vendors helps to keep the facilitation neutral, allowing both risks and opportunities to be equally identified. Moreover, executing a war game requires a lot of coordination and organization, which favors using an external vendor.  


However, internal realities need to be thought through also before using an external partner. 


Q: How many participants do I need for a war game? 

A: You can conduct a war game for 10 - 50 participants. The final numbers of required participants is dependent on the issues and companies to be simulated as well as the desired outcomes.


Q: How much time will this take? 

A: A typical war game is between 1 - 2 days. The ideal length is around 1.5 days. It is possible to conduct shorter or longer games for certain situations.